The former Le-Cornu site

Mr Peter Tsokas
Chief Executive Officer
City of Unley
PO Box 1
Unley SA 5061

Dear Mr Tsokas

RE: Council green space and former Le-Cornu site

I am a resident of Ashford with a young family adjacent to the border of the City of Unley.  With the sale of the former Le Cornu site on Anzac Highway to Kaufland having now fallen through, I write to advocate for the City of Unley to consider turning all or part of that block into a public park.

With increasing urban density in the inner ring of Adelaide – in short, more apartment and townhouse dwellers – outdoor public green spaces are becoming increasingly important. I note that the City of Unley has performed excellently in this regard – according to the 2020 Greener Spaces, Better Places report (‘Where will all the trees be?’) your council has had an impressive 3% increase in green cover from between 2016 to 2020.  Under your stewardship, hopefully the City of Unley is willing to continue this excellent trend!

Even a thin sliver of green space at the eastern end of the allotment that also provided north-south access between Leader Street and Maple Street (as currently there is none along the length of the block) would be welcome addition for local residents and workers, making the area more permeable for people on bicycles or on foot.

May I please inquire as to whether the City of Unley has considered purchasing any or all of the site as a public green space, ideally as a park?

In the absence of broader plans, would the City of Unley consider purchasing a small north-south corridor at the eastern end of the allotment to provide at least some green space, as well as access between Maple and Leader streets?

Thank you again for your time and consideration of my letter.

All the best,

Mr Michael Cornish

1 / 3 / 21

Cc Cr Emma Wright, Goodwood Ward
Cc Cr Nicole Sheehan, Goodwood Ward