UPNG Boycotts and Shootings

To all my UPNG students – there was a reasonable amount of coverage in Australia on the PNG student boycotts, but below is the link to an episode from the ABC show, Foreign Correspondent, which was dedicated to the issue.

It is entitled “A Bloody Boycott”  (broadcast: 19/07/2016, reporter: Eric Tlozek), and is about 90MB, so you will need a good internet connection to view it.


If you want to save the show, you are able to do so by opening the link, and then going to File -> Save As; but again, be aware that it is a big file and will need a good internet connection to download it.

If your internet is not good enough to watch the video, I have put together a copy of the transcript, here:

‘A Bloody Boycott’, Foreign Correspondent, ABC, 19 July 2016 (Transcript)



10 August 2016


A follow up article, one year on from the shootings, which highlight that the promised Ombudsman investigation into the shootings has not progressed in any meaningful way:


As the article notes:

At the time, PNG police promised an investigation into the protests and the shootings, and PNG’s Ombudsman Commission also announced it would conduct its own inquiry.

Neither organisation responded to the ABC’s questions about whether there had been any progress over the past 12 months.


6 August 2017