Update 2: University of Adelaide and a net zero emissions target

The Hon Catherine Branson AC QC
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

Dear Chancellor,

RE: The University of Adelaide and a net-zero emissions target

I write to you to follow-up on my correspondence of 25 June 2021, and the response provided by Acting COO, Ms Virginia Deegan, on your behalf.

The key message in my initial correspondence was that the University of Adelaide has an opportunity to position itself on climate change as ‘running with its peers’. In that correspondence, I asked whether the University Council or university administration was actively considering a net zero emission target, and the likely timeline on such a decision. Please find a copy of my original correspondence and your university’s response enclosed.

In that response, I was informed that the University was developing of an ambitious emissions reduction strategy, and that:

The strategy development will include consultation with staff, students, alumni and industry experts in the coming months, with a final document to be presented to the University Council in early 2022.

May I please seek an update on the development of that strategy, including:

  • How, as an alumni and formal staff member I can contribute to the consultation?
  • The current estimated timeline on the launch of that strategy?
  • Whether the strategy will include a net zero CO2-equivalent emissions commitment, and if so, by what date?

Thank you again for your time and consideration of my correspondence.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Cornish

1 / 3 / 2022