Wilberforce Walk

Mr Peter Tsokas
Chief Executive Officer
City of Unley
PO Box 1
Unley SA 5061


Dear Mr Tsokas

RE: Wilberforce Walk shared-use pathway

Firstly, please accept my thanks to the council for undertaking and completing the excellent shared-use pathway and accompanying environmental improvements atop Brownhill Creek along Wilberforce Walk between Anzac Highway and Third Avenue in Forestville.

The shared use pathway has been complete for several months but is still not open to the public.

May I please kindly inquire as to the source of the delay in opening the pathway to the public?

Further, may I inquire as to the Council’s plans – if any – to extend the shared-use pathway and accompanying environmental upgrades alongside the full length of Wilberforce Walk and potentially beyond atop Brownhill Creek to Forestville Reserve?

Might this be something the Council would contemplate as a costed project idea it would furnish to the major political parties in the lead up to the State election, noting that such a project would sit within the marginal State electorate of Badcoe?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

Mr Michael Cornish

6 / 8 / 21

Cc Cr Emma Wright, Goodwood Ward

Cc Cr Nicole Sheehan, Goodwood Ward